Club Rules


1. Name of The Club
1.1. The Club shall be known as the Romney Marsh Photographic Club (hereafter called the Club).
2. Objects of The Club
2.1. The objects of the Club are to encourage and promote all forms of photography, including digital imaging, for the benefit of Club Members.
3. Committee
3.1. A Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Club, and shall be charged with the general management of the affairs of the Club in all matters not reserved for the Club in General Meeting.
3.2 The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Programme Secretary, Secretary/Publicity Officer, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, External Competition Secretary, Projectionist, Social Secretary and one other committee member.
3.3 All committee members shall resign at the Annual General Meeting but may offer themselves for re-election.
3.4 Four of the above members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum at Committee meetings.
3.5 Nominations for the Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary at least 7 days before the Annual General Meeting.
3.6 Any Club Member, normally of not less than one year standing, is eligible for nomination for election to the Committee.
3.7 If a vacancy occurs in the Committee by death, resignation, suspension or expulsion then the Committee may appoint another eligible member of the Club until the next AGM.
3.8 Additional Club Members may be co-opted onto the Committee to assist the work of the committee as deemed necessary; however they shall not be eligible to vote at committee meetings. Co-opted members shall not exceed three and their term of office shall be the same as elected members.
3.9 The Secretary shall keep minutes of all General and Committee meetings and shall be responsible for conducting the official correspondence of the Club.
3.10. The committee may propose at the AGM suitable persons for the office of President or Vice-President whose term of office shall be three years.
3.11 The committee shall meet as and when deemed necessary by the members. Such meetings shall number not less than six each year.
4. General Meetings
4.1 There shall be an annual General Meeting of the Club, which shall be held during the month of May, on a date fixed by the committee. The Secretary shall notify members of the agenda in writing not less than fourteen days in advance.
4.2 A General Meeting of the Club may be summoned at any time by:
(i) The Committee. (ii) Any five members entitled to attend and vote at a General Meeting.
4.3 Members shall be given not less than seven days notice of the meeting together with an agenda of the business to be conducted at such a meeting.
4.4 At a General Meeting of the Club voting shall be confined to Members present and every Member shall be entitled to give one vote and no more to every question put to vote, provided in the case of equality of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
4.5 No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a Quorum is present. A quorum shall be 40% of the paid up membership at the time of the meeting.
4.6 The disposal of any tangible assets of the Club must be agreed at a General Meeting by a majority of at least two thirds of those present.
4.7 In the event of the winding-up of the Club an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called to determine the disposal of:
(i) Disposal Of the Club Records.
(ii) Any equipment and other tangible assets.
(iii) The amount of any funds remaining after all debts and liabilities have been paid.
The funds and items listed in (ii) and (iii) above shall be sold and distributed amongst the paid up members at that time. All Trophies awarded at that time shall retained by the person who last won them.
5. Membership
5.1 Membership shall be open to all persons interested in photography.
5.2 Persons wishing to join the Club may attend up to three meetings without charge after which the joining fee and annual subscription will become due.
5.3 The committee are responsible for ensuring that the membership numbers (including visitors) do not exceed a number which could discomfort or hinder the free movement of other members within the meeting place. The number of persons contained within the meeting place shall never exceed the maximum occupancy stated by the meeting place hirer or fire regulations.
To ensure the above is complied with, the committee may hold a waiting list and select people from the list who would most benefit from the club or event being held.
6. Subscriptions
6.1 Annual Subscriptions shall be agreed by the Committee each year for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
6.2 All annual subscriptions shall be due and payable on application for membership, and thereafter without demand on the 15th day of September each year.
(To be amended at next AGM).
6.3 Any member whose subscription remains unpaid for thirty days after it is due shall cease to enjoy the benefits of membership of the Club.
6.4 In addition to an annual subscription members will be expected to pay an amount on attendance at each meeting. The amount applicable for each year shall be approved at the Annual General Meeting (this money is to cover the cost of tea and biscuits and to offset the hire of the Hall).
6.5 Members joining the Club after 1st January shall pay one half of the current Annual Subscription for that year. A £2.00 membership fee will apply for people wishing to join after 1st April and before the start of the new season when the full membership fee will be due.
6.6 Any person may attend meetings weekly on a casual basis upon payment of an agreed fee being not less than one thirtieth of the annual subscription.
7. Resignation
7.1 Any member may resign from the Club by giving one calendar month’s notice in writing to the Club Secretary of his, or her, intention to do so. Upon the expiration of such a period they shall cease to be a member.
7.2 Any member of the Committee may resign their post by submitting their resignation to the Club Secretary in writing for acceptance by the Committee at their next meeting.
8. Accounts & Audit
8.1 Every Annual General Meeting, or at such times as may be required by the committee upon reasonable notice, to present to the Club an accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club.
8.2 The books and accounts of the Club shall be closed on the 1st May each year and shall be subjected to such independent review as agreed from time to time by members in General Meeting.
9. General
9.1 The Committee shall have power to settle any dispute or difference between members of the Club or they may refer the matter directly to a Special General Meeting.
9.2 The Committee shall have power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who shall infringe any rule or whose conduct shall, in their opinion, render him, or her, unfit for membership. No member shall be suspended or expelled without first being summoned before the Committee and afforded an opportunity to explain his, or her, conduct.
A majority of at least two thirds of the Committee present must agree to such a suspension or expulsion for it to become effective.
9.3 The security and maintenance of the Club’s trophies shall be the responsibility of the Club Member holding such trophies and must be returned to the Competition Secretary at least four weeks before the Annual General Meeting following presentation or on cessation of membership.
10.1 No new Rule or alteration of an existing Rule shall be made save by a majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting.
10.2 Notice of any proposed new Rule or alteration of an existing Rule must be sent to The Secretary as an item on the agenda of the General Meeting called for that purpose.
10.3 A hard copy of these rules shall be given to all members when they join the club. Existing members will receive a copy of the rules by email at the beginning of the new season if there have been any changes made at the previous AGM.