Competition Rules

5 Club Qualifying Competitions - Prints & Digital
Entries should be handed in 2 weeks before each competition.

Competition Entries
1. Unless otherwise stated there are two sections to each competition, one for prints and one for digital images.
2. The maximum number of entries per member in each competition is 3 prints and 3 digital images in the A and B Groups.
If there are too many overall entries for a judge to give a fair commentary on each one (approx. total 70 entries) one of each member’s Digital image in the A Group only will be removed. When submitting their 3 digital entries, A Group members must express their preference for the one they want omitted should the competition maximum be reached. This image may then be re-entered at a later date. Failure to do so will result in the Competition Secretary making an arbitrary selection. Entries will need to entered by the stated entry dates for this to work successfully.
3. All images must be the entrant’s own work and he or she must own the copyright to it.
4. Processing may be carried out by a third party, i.e. not the photographer.
5. The original image must not be more than three years old, unless it is used as part of a derivative image. In such a case, rule 3 applies to all the components of the image. (This rule was rescinded at the 2018 AGM).
6. A ‘competition entry’ is defined as a print or digital image that is not the same as, nor similar to, one that has been entered previously.
However, non-scoring prints/digital images may be reentered for a maximum of one subsequent competition.
‘Nonscoring’ entries are defined as those that are not the entrant’s highest scoring work in a particular competition.
7. The same image is not to be placed in both the print and digital competition on the same night.
8. The subjects of the competitions are Open apart from the 4th Competition which is a Set Subject. For this year’s subject ...see Competition Info

1. Unless otherwise stated there are two groups, ‘A’ and ‘B’, the ‘A’ group being for those photographers with more experience.
2. New members will be placed in the ‘B’ group unless they are of known ability. For instance, if they have an L, A or FRPS or the like, or if they submit a panel of their work to the committee, the committee may decide to place them in the ‘A’ group.
3. Members in the ‘B’ group who achieve 90% or more in the qualifying competitions will automatically move up to the ‘A’ group the following season.
Those who achieve 80-90% may move up if they wish (refer to Scoring section 2).
4. Members only move up automatically in the section in which they achieved 90% or more. They may opt to stay within the ‘B’ group for the other section.
For example, a member who achieves 94% in the print section, but less than 90%, (or less than 80%) in the digital image section will only be automatically placed in the ‘A’ group prints section the following season.
That Member may then choose whether to stay in the ‘B’ group or move to the ‘A’ group for the digital image section.
5. Members who have moved up into the A group may after one year choose to return to the B group if they are finding the competition difficult (see Awards 6).

1. All prints are to be mounted on mounting boards. The mount size is limited to 40cm x 50cm in both groups and print size to A4 in the ‘B’ Group.
2. The preferred method of supplying digital images is by email, though if this is not possible, on CD or memory stick is acceptable, The digital images must be in the jpeg format and sized at a maximum pixel size of 1400 wide x 1050 high. The file name must be saved as the following example.
ON THE BEACH by Fred Smith.jpg - see Resizing Images
3. All prints and digital images entered must only be marked with the entrant’s club membership number and a title where one exists.
4. All digital images entered must contain the members name as shown in the example and in the case of digital images with no title they must be entered as the following example:
File name example when a digital image has no title: NO TITLE by Fred Smith.jpg

1. A maximum of 20 marks will be awarded for each piece of work entered.
2. Club competitions are based on a running score, so if there are more than one top score they will be deemed joint winners. This applies to both groups.
3. In the case of the qualifying competitions a score will be calculated for each entrant at the end of the season, using the marks from his or her highest scoring print and digital image from each competition. The score will be expressed as a percentage of the maximum possible marks.
4. For competitions which carry their own trophy, judges will be asked to express a preference in the event of a tie for first place.

1. The person who has scored, or is nearest to scoring, 100% in the group and category they have entered for the qualifying competitions will receive the relevant award.
2. There is a trophy for the person who has shown the most improvement in each group during the course of the season.
This will be decided by taking the average marks for each entrant in each competition and category of the qualifying competitions to see whose marks have progressively improved the most over the season.
3. To be eligible for an award in the qualifying competitions, the best improvement trophy, an entrant must have entered all the qualifying competitions.
4. Trophies are awarded for various other competitions throughout the season as notified in the programme.
5. In the case of a tie in the qualifying competitions, each member will share the tenure of the trophy equally in alphabetical order.
6. Members may only win the ‘B’ group cup once. First place in the ‘B’ Group is only awarded to members who have never competed in the ‘A’ group.
7. Certificates will be awarded for a score of 20 points in ‘B’ group in each of the qualifying competitions. These will not be officially presented but given to the entrant shortly after the competition.

KWT Romney Marsh Visitor Centre Competition - Prints
Take entries to Romney Marsh Visitor Centre before 2.30pm on the day of the competition (can be taken there before this date).
A friendly competition held by the Kent Wildlife Visitor Centre at New Romney which will run all summer. Take a photo at the centre of something a bit different and enter up to 4 x A4 prints that can be sold in their shop. Monies received are shared between the centre and the club.
The area covers Warren Halt to the Marlie Farm entrance, the Community Garden and the big lake nearer to St. Mary’s Bay.
Judged by the warden at the centre. Ist, 2nd and 3rd places all receive medals plus the winner wins the trophy.

Portrait Competition - Prints & Digital
Entries should be handed in 2 weeks before the competition.
Face and figures of the live human form only will be judged by a visiting judge.
Submit up to 3 prints and/or 3 digital images with 2 club trophies to be won. Prints are any size up to 500mm x 400mm including mount.

St Mary’s Bay Trophies - Prints & Digital
Entries should be handed in 2 weeks before the competition.
A changeable set subject from year to year. Bring up to 3 prints of any size up to 500mm x 400mm including mount, and/or 3 digital images of the set subject that is announced.
There are 2 trophies to be won and the competition will be judged by an invited judge.

The Challenge Cup - Best Unseen Print of The Year
Bring all entries along on the night.
Enter up to 3 A4 prints not seen before for The Print of the Year Competition.
Can be judged by an invited judge or the club members for the trophy.

Monochrome - Prints & Digital
Entries should be handed in 2 weeks before the competition.
Bring up to 3 prints of any size up to 500mm x 400mm including mount, and/or 3 digital images.
There are 2 trophies to be won and the competition will be judged by an invited judge.
Please note that Monochrome means a photograph in Black & White or in varying tones of only one colour only e.g. sepia. It does not include desaturated but still showing some colour or black & white with a coloured overlay or effect over the top.

Audio Visual Cup
Entries should be handed in 3 weeks before the competition.
The competition shall be open to all honorary and paid up members of the club and be run under general rules of the KCPA. There will be no classes or groups within the competition, each entry will have equal standing within the competition.
Each sequence may be the work of more than one author, it should be entered in the name of the main author and all co-authors names must be declared on the form. The author or authors must own the copyright, or have permission from the owners of the copyright of the contents of the sequence.
A maximum of three sequences, not longer than 10 min running time total, i.e. 1 x 7 minutes plus 1 x 3 minute, or 2 x 5 minute maybe entered by each member and must not have been entered for this competition on a previous occasion. Entries shall be in 1400 x 1050 pixel format and supplied as an .exe file on a CD or memory stick. The sequence must not contain acknowledgement of any music used. There must be no indication of the author contained in any sequence.
Please Note: In 2014, the KCPA changed their AV rules and their new size is now much wider at 1920 x 1080px. Any files made smaller than this will project in a KCPA competition with a black border all around.
They also now accept Apple .avi files and video files Windows .mov and Apple .m4v. At this date (20th Sept 2017), we have not changed our rules yet.
All sequences will be shown on the night of the competition in random order. An invited judge will be requested to comment on, and award, marks for each sequence, he or she may request for repeat showing of any of the sequences to assist him or her to judge the winner.
The winner will be awarded a cup at the club’s annual end of season award evening which is to be retained for one year.

The Bill Wearing Memorial Cup - Digital
Entries should be handed in 2 weeks before the competition.
A competition with 4 categories: Sport, Close-Up/Table Top, Natural History and Local History.
Local History is confined to the area of, and the slopes down to, the five Romney Marshes only (Pett Level to Hythe and including The Rother Levels and old islands i.e. Oxney, Rye, Winchelsea).
Enter up to 2 digital images in each category which will be judged by the club members.
Each category winner will win a medal.
The overall winner will be judged by the club members or club/visiting judge, and will win the cup.