• Pencil Zip by Sue Duffield
  • The Beautiful Game by Kathy Roddy
  • Breath Of Fresh Air by Alan Gould
  • Snowing by Kate Brownett
  • Morning Mist At Summer House Hill by Caroline Miles
  • Tree Top Hill by Caroline Miles
  • Kristina by John Gomm
  • New Shoots by Alan Gould
  • Yellow Billed Kite Diving by David Wilson
  • Beloved Pineapple by Kathy Roddy
  • Evening Glow by Vince Winter
  • Ghosts At Play by Kate Brownett
  • Completely Batty by Alan Gould
  • Crazy Creative Carrots by Vince Winter
  • Desert Island Meal by Babs Wagstaff
  • Seaweed Hut At Freshwater West by Audrey Weekes
  • Has Beans by Tom Elleman
  • Jade In Mono by Colin Brownett
  • Leap To Freedom by Bennie Jane Cross
  • Lucky Find by Miranda Hopkins

Club Project

The set subject for the Club Project this year will be
Photo-Editing a Chosen Image.
This consists of a photo library shot, yet to be chosen, that all members can alter and change however they want using photo-editing software. Extra images can be added to the picture and these can be either ones you have taken yourself or ones you have obtained from elsewhere.
Once the image has been chosen by the committee, it will be available to download here.

Set Subjects

The set subject for the 4th Club Qualifying Competition is Wood.

The subject this year for the St. Mary’s Bay Trophies is Urban/Street Photography.

Below are some general competition rules but see COMPETITION RULES for detailed information.
Please note that competitions may be subject to changes of date and judge.

Naming & Sizing

See our NAMING & SIZING page for how to prepare and name your prints and digital images.

General Information & Rules

For All Competitions

Digital Images

All digital images must be 1400px x 1050px.
Please email all correctly named and sized digital entries to To ensure that images remain at the size that you have prepared them, put all images inside a folder and compress (zip up) before emailing. Remember to include your name, Member No. and whether you are in the A or B Group (if relevant).
Please clearly state which competition your images are for to ensure that they are entered into the correct one.


The title, your Member No. and whether you are in the A or B Group (if relevant) should be clearly written on the BACK of the print and handed to Audrey Weekes, the Prints Secretary, by the specified date.
If you know you will not be able to come to the club on the specified hand-in date, all entries can be handed-in earlier as long as they are clearly marked which competition(s) they are for.

Hand In Date

Unless specified, all entries should be handed in 2 weeks or more before a competition.

Club Qualifying Competitions

For A Group Entries Only

For the 5 Club Qualifying Competitions, the A Group can enter 2 x Prints.
2 x Digital entries can also be entered but, if there are so many entries that the evening would run late, only one entry may be shown.
Alan Gould, the Digital Secretary, has to be clearly informed of either which is your first choice to be definitely shown or which one is to be omitted, otherwise he will decide arbitrarily.
The Digital Competition will consist of either all entries or just the first choice entries.

Detailed Competition Rules

Please see our COMPETITION RULES page.

Audio Visual Competition Rules

Please note that the KCPA has changed some of the rules for entries into the KCPA Audio Visual Competition. We are not changing our current rules until we can establish exactly what our equipment can successfully project.
If you are planning on entering the KCPA Audio Visual Competition, please visit for full details of the new size and what other formats are now allowed.

Competitions 2018 - 2019


For now, please see the PROGRAMME page for all competition dates.

Entries in: Thurs 11th October 2018
Competition: Thurs 25th October 2018

1st Club Qualifying Competition

Judged by Kirsty Ralphs ARPS, Whitstable CC

A Group: 2 x max. 500mm x 400mm Prints and 2 x Digital images (Please see note to the A Group in the General Information & Rules opposite or above).
B Group: 2 x A4 Prints and 2 x Digital images
- a league competition for the club trophies