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Also see Other Tutorials in the Workshop section for photographic techniques
Kent County Photographic Association
Link for all other KCPA camera clubs plus information on all things to do with them
KCPA Latest News

St Mary’s Bay Camera Club are not responisible for any of the below links. They have been suggested by club members or from other sources in good faith but it is your responsibility whether you use them.
Camera Repairs
Friendly, helpful and reasonable for all camera makes, based near Guildford.
Highly recommended by club member

Tips For Beginners
Photography on a Budget
Helpful and useful tips on buying your first DSLR, accessories, alternative cheap editing resources, etc for anyone on a budget.
Lifehacker Night School
Basics of Photography

A PDF download of the basics of understanding your camera and basic layout of a shot.
Digital camera accessories,
memory cards & optics

Good price for all accessories with an interesting blog in their News section
Photoshop Lecturer & Tutor
A regular lecturer at the club, Jack also tutors in Elements and Photoshop and has tutorial CDs for sale on his website, which is worth a visit to see his pictures.
The History of Photography
A short history of photography with some interesting links to do with various aspects of photography at the end of the article.
For example, did you know that you could develop film by using coffee and vitamin C?!!
This link was bought to the club’s attention by visitors to the site from Colorado!
Photographic Studio for Hire in Ashford
Small studio with all lighting included. All prices reduced by 20% for club members on the website prices.
Photography & Photoshop Training in Ashford
Same company as above also runs photography and Photoshop packages (not discounted).
One-to-one tuition or group bookings.
Contact Sue Chapman (John Wigmore’s daughter) on
or phone on work no: 01233 646263.

Art Reproductions Services
Canon and Nikon Lens Hire
For that special occasion you can hire a Canon or Nikon lens from these people.
FREE Photoshop Style Editing
Work online on this amazing free website. It does everything Photoshop does but with a lot more effects. Perfect for anything, from cleaning up a photo or doing something much more complicated with layers and effects, etc. - and without having to buy Photoshop or Elements.
FREE Recovery Tool - for damaged or corrupt memory cards
Don’t despair if you discover you find you cannot download your lovely photos, this is a free recovery tool that is very easy to use and has very good reviews.
SUPER Recovery Tool - for VERY damaged or corrupt memory cards
If the above free tool doesn’t work, then give this a go. Recommended to me (Bennie) personally by SanDisk, there is a choice of programmes and you use the free downloads to first check which programme will work best for you before you buy anything.
The one that retreived all my files from a card that actually rattled, cost £22 and is called PhotoRecovery. For help, call an extremely helpful man called Ken Carter on 0115 9597904.
How to fix memory card errors
A link sent in by the author of this article. If you have a card error and need help in understanding what it means and how to solve it, this article is full of information and other links to help you.
Camera Accessories
Loads of accessories for your camera and photography. Including rain protection, lens pouches, filters, darkroom equipment,
second hand cameras plus all the usual.
Cameras & Camera Accessories
Exremely good value with fantastic sale prices to look out for.
Their name may be changing soon so may not be called this for much longer.
Sharpening & Picture Improving Plug-Ins
Excellent plug-ins to buy to improve your workings in Photoshop
Large Canvas Prints
Great website to get canvas prints made.
20% off offer to camera club members
Photo Paper Direct
For all your printing needs.
Great selection of printing surfaces with very reasonable prices as well.
The Portal to Romney Marsh
Information on all aspects of the Marsh
The Local Website
Information on St Mary’s Bay and
St Mary In The Marsh.
Bennie Jane Cross
Graphic & Website Design

Living in New Romney with over 30 years experience working in the West End. She is a member of this camera club and webmaster.
Beckham Digital
Photoshop, Elements, Digital Audio Visual Music and Tutorials etc on CD to buy.
Take a look around this site, it could contain just what you are looking for.
Wilbur Imaging & Digital Software
Software for Digital Projection Competitions
National Lottery Grants
The Kent Community Foundation
Grassroots Scheme

These two links will tell you all about obtaining grants for your club or group.
Template websites for photographers and artists to make into their own portfolio or website.

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